Selected Journal Papers

  • A hybrid of neuro-fuzzy inference system and hidden Markov Model for activity-based mobility modeling of cellphone users,

Shiva Rahimipour, Mehdi Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi, Ahmad Nickabadib,

Computer Communications, Volume 173, 1 May 2021, Pages 79-94, DOI:

  • A systematic review on overfitting control in shallow and deep neural networks,

Mohammad Mahdi Bejani, Mehdi Ghatee,

Artificial Intelligence Review, (2021), DOI:

  • Least auxiliary loss-functions with impact growth adaptation (Laliga) for convolutional neural networks,

Mohammad Mahdi Bejani, Mehdi Ghatee,

Neurocomputing,  (2021), DOI:

  • Theory of Adaptive SVD Regularization for Deep Neural Networks,

Mohammad Mahdi Bejani, Mehdi Ghatee,

Neural Networks,  128 (2020) 33-46.

  • Adaptive Neural Tree Exploiting Expert Nodes to Classify High-Dimensional Data,

Shadi Abpeikar, Mehdi Ghatee, Gian Luca Foresti, and Christian Micheloni,

Neural Networks, 124 (2020) 20-38.

  • Unsupervised feature selection based on adaptive similarity learning and subspace clustering

MG Parsa, H Zare, Mehdi Ghatee

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 95 (2020), 103855

  • Roadside acoustic sensors to support vulnerable pedestrians via their smartphones

Mehdi Ghatee, M Khalili, M Teimouri, MM Bejani

AUT Journal of Mathematics and Computing 1 (2020), 135-143

  • Neural Trees with Peer-to-Peer and Server-to-Client Knowledge Transferring Models for High-dimensional Data Classification,

Shadi Abpeykar, Mehdi Ghatee,

Expert Systems With Applications, 137 (2019) Pages 281-291.

F Teimouri, Mehdi Ghatee

Journal of Soft Computing in Civil Engineering 4 (2020), 49-71

  • Convolutional Neural Network with Adaptive Regularization to Classify Driving Styles on Smartphones, 

Mohammad Mahdi Bejani, Mehdi Ghatee, 

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2019, in press, DOI: 10.1109/TITS.2019.2896672.

  • Convolution Neural Network Joint with Mixture of Extreme Learning Machines for Feature Extraction and Classification of Accident Images,

Ali Pashaei, Mehdi Ghatee, Hedieh Sajedi, 

Journal of Real-Time Image Processing, 2019, in press.

  • A similarity-based neuro-fuzzy modelling for driving behavior recognition applying fusion of smartphone sensors,

Hamid Reza Eftekhari, Mehdi Ghatee,

Journal of Intelligent Transportation Systems: Technology, Planning, and Operations, 2018, in press, DOI: 10.1080/15472450.2018.1506338.

  • Hybrid of Discrete Wavelet Transform and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Overall Driving Behavior Recognition,

Hamid Reza Eftekhari, Mehdi Ghatee

Transportation Research Part F: Psychology and Behaviour, 58 (2018) 782–796.

  • A context aware system for driving style evaluation by an ensemble learning on smartphone sensors data

M. Bejani, M. Ghatee

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Volume 89, April 2018, Pages 303-320

  • Ensemble decision forest of RBF networks via hybrid feature clustering approach for high-dimensional data classification.

S. Abpeykar, M. Ghatee, H. Zare, 

Computational Statistics & Data Analysis, 131, (2019) 12-36.

  • An ensemble of RBF neural networks in decision tree structure with knowledge transferring to accelerate multi-classification

S. Abpeykar, M. Ghatee

Neural Computing and Applications, pp.1-21, 2018

  • Decent direction methods on the feasible region recognized by supervised learning metamodels to solve unstructured problems

S. Abpeykar, M. Ghatee

Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences may 2018

  • Benders decomposition with integer subproblem

A. Fakhri, M Ghatee, A. Fragkogios, G. Saharidis

Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 89, 15 December 2017, Pages 20-30

  • The lower bound for dynamic parking prices to decrease congestion through CBD

H Eftekhari, M Ghatee

Operational Research, October 2017, Volume 17, Issue 3, pp 761–787

Three-Phases Smartphone-Based Warning System to Protect Vulnerable Road Users Under Fuzzy Conditions

R.B.  Zadeh, M. Ghatee, H.R. Eftekhari

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 19 (2018) 2086 – 2098.

  • Branch-and-price algorithm for fuzzy integer programming problems with block angular structure

M. Niksirat, S. M. Hashemi, M. Ghatee

Fuzzy Sets and Systems, Volume 296, 1 August 2016, Pages 70-96

  • An inference engine for smartphones to preprocess data and detect stationary and transportation modes

H. R. Eftekhari, M. Ghatee

Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Volume 69, August 2016, Pages 313-327

  • A regularized root–quartic mixture of experts for complex classification problems

E Abbasi, M Shiri, M Ghatee

Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 110, 15 October 2016, Pages 98-109

  • Root-quatric mixture of experts for complex classification problems

E. Abbasi, M. Shiri, M. Ghatee

Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 53, 1 July 2016, Pages 192-203

  • Application of Benders decomposition method in solution of a fixed-charge multicommodity network design problem avoiding congestion

A. Fakhri, M. Ghatee

Applied Mathematical Modelling, Volume 40, Issues 13–14, July 2016, Pages 6468-6476

  • Minimizing the sum of a linear and a linear fractional function applying conic quadratic representation: continuous and discrete problems

A. Fakhri, M. Ghatee

Optimization, 65 (2016) 1023-1038.

  • A Rule-Based Decision Support System in Intelligent Hazmat Transportation System

R. Asadi, M. Ghatee

IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 16 (2015) 2756 – 2764.

  • Supervised and unsupervised learning DSS for incident management in intelligent tunnel: A case study in Tehran Niayesh tunnel

S. Abpeykar, M. Ghatee

Tunnelling and Underground Space Technology 42, 293-306, 2014

  • Solution of preemptive multi-objective network design problems applying Benders decomposition method

A. Fakhri, M. Ghatee

Annals of Operations Research 210 (1), 295-307, 2013

  • Multimodal K-shortest viable path problem in Tehran public transportation network and its solution applying ant colony and simulated annealing algorithms

M. Niksirat, M. Ghatee, S. M. Hashemi

Applied Mathematical Modelling 36 (11), 5709-5726, 2012

  • Fractional multi-commodity flow problem: Duality and optimality conditions

A. Fakhri, M. Ghatee

Applied Mathematical Modelling 38(7), 2151-2162, 2014.

  • SA-IP Method for Congestion Pricing based on Level of Service in Urban Network under Fuzzy Conditions

S. Soudmand, M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi

International Journal of Civil Engineering 11 (4), 282-292, 2013

  • FRAN and RBF-PSO as two components of a hyper framework to recognize protein folds

E. Abbasi, M. Ghatee, M.E. Shiri

Computers in Biology and Medicine 43 (9), 1182-1191, 2013

  • A Hopfield neural network applied to the fuzzy maximum cut problem under credibility measure

M. Ghatee, M. Niksirat

Information Sciences 229 (20), 77-93, 2012.

  • On the quadratic model for unrelated parallel machine scheduling problem with restrictive common due date

M.S. Beyranvand, M.R. Peyghami, M. Ghatee

Optimization Letters 6 (8), 1897-1911, 2012.

  • QoS-based cooperative algorithm for integral multi-commodity flow problem

M. Ghatee

Computer Communications 34 (7), 835-846,       2011

  • Computational methods for solving fully fuzzy linear systems

M. Dehghan, B. Hashemi, M. Ghatee

Applied Mathematics and Computation 179 (1), 328-343,            2006

  • Solution of the fully fuzzy linear systems using iterative techniques

M. Dehghan, B. Hashemi, M. Ghatee

Chaos, Solitons & Fractals 34 (2), 316-336, 2007

  • Ranking function-based solutions of fully fuzzified minimal cost flow problem

M. Ghatee, S. M. Hashemi

Information Sciences 177 (20), 4271-4294, 2007

  • Generalized minimal cost flow problem in fuzzy nature: an application in bus network planning problem

M. Ghatee, S. M. Hashemi

Applied Mathematical Modelling 32 (12), 2490-2508, 2008

  • Traffic assignment model with fuzzy level of travel demand: An efficient algorithm based on quasi-Logit formulas

M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi

European Journal of Operational Research 194 (2), 432-451, 2009

  • Application of fuzzy minimum cost flow problems to network design under uncertainty

M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi

Fuzzy sets and systems 160 (22), 3263-3289, 2009

  • Preemptive priority-based algorithms for fuzzy minimal cost flow problem: An application in hazardous materials transportation

M. Ghatee, S. M. Hashemi, M. Zarepisheh, E. Khorram

Computers & Industrial Engineering 57 (1), 341-354, 2009

  • The solution and duality of imprecise network problems

M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi, B. Hashemi, M. Dehghan

Computers & Mathematics with Applications 55 (12), 2767-2790, 2008

  • Motion planning in order to optimize the length and clearance applying a Hopfield neural network

M. Ghatee, A. Mohades

Expert Systems with Applications 36 (3), 4688-4695, 2009

  • Combinatorial algorithms for the minimum interval cost flow problem

S.M. Hashemi, M. Ghatee, E. Nasrabadi

Applied mathematics and computation 175 (2), 1200-1216, 2006

  • Optimal network design and storage management in petroleum distribution network under uncertainty

M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi

Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 22 (4), 796-807, 2009

  • Some concepts of the fuzzy multicommodity flow problem and their application in fuzzy network design

M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi

Mathematical and Computer Modelling 49 (5), 1030-1043, 2009

  • Descent direction algorithm with multicommodity flow problem for signal optimization and traffic assignment jointly

M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi

Applied mathematics and computation 188 (1), 555-566, 2007

  • Inverse of a fuzzy matrix of fuzzy numbers

M. Dehghan, M. Ghatee, B. Hashemi

International Journal of Computer Mathematics 86 (8), 1433-1452, 2009

  • Fuzzy goal programming: Complementary slackness conditions and computational schemes

S.M. Hashemi, M. Ghatee, B. Hashemi

Applied mathematics and computation 179 (2), 506-522, 2006

  • An LP-based approach to outliers detection in fuzzy regression analysis

E. Nasrabadi, S.M. Hashemi, M. Ghatee

International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems 15(4), 441-456, 2007

  • Some computations on fuzzy matrices: an application in fuzzy analytical hierarchy process

M. Dehghan, M.Ghatee, B. Hashemi

International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems 16 (5) 715-733, 2009

  • Solution of the Generalized Interval Linear Programming Problems: Pessimistic and Optimistic Approaches,

M. Ghatee,

Journal of Computing and Security (JCS) 1 (2), 159-167, 2014.

M. Jahani, S.M. Hashemi, M. Ghatee, M. Jahanshahi


M. Ghatee, S.M. Hashemi

International Journal of Transportation Engineering 2 (2), 107-118, 2014

  • Last papers on Arxiv are:

    1. arXiv:1803.11002
    Modified SMOTE Using Mutual Information and Different Sorts of Entropies
    Sima Sharifirad, Azra Nazari, Mehdi Ghatee
    Subjects: Artificial Intelligence (cs.AI); Learning (cs.LG); Machine Learning (stat.ML)

    2. arXiv:1803.06213
    Smartphone based Driving Style Classification Using Features Made by Discrete Wavelet Transform
    Roya Lotfi, Mehdi Ghatee
    Subjects: Human-Computer Interaction (cs.HC)

    3. arXiv:1803.04385
    Auction-based approximate algorithm for Grid system scheduling under resource provider strategies
    Arash Raeisi Gahrouei, Mehdi Ghatee
    Subjects: Networking and Internet Architecture (cs.NI)

    4. arXiv:1803.04378
    Effective Implementation of GPU-based Revised Simplex algorithm applying new memory management and cycle avoidance strategies
    Arash Raeisi Gahrouei, Mehdi Ghatee
    Subjects: Optimization and Control (math.OC); Distributed, Parallel, and Cluster Computing (cs.DC)

5. arXiv:2007.03338  

Diverse and Styled Image Captioning Using SVD-Based Mixture of Recurrent Experts

Marzieh Heidari, Mehdi Ghatee, Ahmad Nickabadi, Arash Pourhasan Nezhad

cs.CV cs.CL cs.LG

6. arXiv:2005.01995

Adaptive Low-Rank Factorization to regularize shallow and deep neural networks

Mohammad Mahdi Bejani, Mehdi Ghatee

Driver Identification by Neural Network on Extracted Statistical Features from Smartphone Data

Authors: Ruhallah Ahmadian, Mehdi Ghatee