Decision Support and Expert Systems in Intelligent Transportation

Decision Support and Expert Systems in Intelligent Transportation is written by Dr. Mehdi Ghatee, and has been published by Amirkabir University of Technology Press, (in Persian) 2021.


Intelligent transportation systems are essential parts of our life and provide various services such as data collection and processing, traffic management, travel information, public transit, freight transportation, and rescue management. These services lead to safety, security, low congestion, economic productivity, fuel-saving, and efficiency. Intelligent transportation systems are incorporated with the systems based on information technology, wireless communication, smartphone, IoT, and UAV to solve transportation problems. This book has been involved with this field by focusing on decision support and expert systems. DSS supports decision-making processes, and expert systems can be applied for decision making instead of humans. In this book, first, the basic concepts of intelligent transportation are presented. Then, the principles of decision-making and expert systems are examined. Transportation problems are divided into general structured models, advanced structured models, and non-structured models. Then, based on the outlined frameworks, several advanced transportation systems, and smart city systems are explained. The last two chapters will cover decision-making and expert systems in autonomous cars and smart roads. The study of this book is recommended to who is interested in interdisciplinary studies of transportation.

To download the table of contents of this book, see here.

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