Cooperative Signal Optimization

Signal Optimization is one of the most important problems in urban traffic management. Previously, we worked on this topic by using different nonlinear optimization and network flow algorithms. Some of the obtained results have been published in the following papers:

  1. Descent direction algorithm with multicommodity flow problem for signal optimization and traffic assignment jointly, M Ghatee, SM Hashemi, Applied Mathematics and Computation 188 (1), 2007, 555-566.
  2. An expert system for network control problems and its applications in large scale network design under uncertainty, M Ghatee, M Hashemi, International Network Optimization Conference (INOC), 2009.
  3. QoS-based cooperative algorithm for integral multi-commodity flow problem, M. Ghatee, Computer Communications 34 (7), 2011, 835-846.

Now, we focus on the relationship between this problem and real-time data such as the Origin-Destination Data which can be collected by smartphones or GSM Antennas, connected vehicles and route-guidance systems. We have an approach to use the reservation data together with real-time data to improve the quality of signal optimization techniques.

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