A Rule-Based Decision Support System in Intelligent Hazmat Transportation System

By: Reza Asadi & Mehdi Ghatee

Published: IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems ( Volume: 16, Issue: 5, Oct. 2015)


This paper develops a new rule-based decision support system (RB-DSS) to find the safest solutions for routing, scheduling, and assignment in Hazmat transportation management. To define the safe program in RB-DSS, the accident frequency and severity are estimated for different scenarios of transportation, and they are used to classify the scenarios by a new structure of decision tree (DT), which is proposed to select branching variables at the primary levels according to the experts’ perception. The outputs of the DT are stated in the form of if-then rules trained by a multilayer perceptron neural network to generalize the safe programs for Hazmat transportation. To illustrate the performance of this approach, the UK road accident data set is used.

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