Traffic assignment model with fuzzy level of travel demand: An efficient algorithm based on quasi-Logit formulas

By: Mehdi Ghatee, S. Mehdi Hashemi

Published: European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 194, Issue 2, 16 April 2009, Pages 432-451


The place of fuzzy concepts in traffic assignment (TA) models has been studied in recent literature. Keeping fuzzy level of travel demand in mind, we propose a new TA model in which the travel costs of links are depended on their congestion. From the results of such fuzzy TA model, network planners are able to estimate the number of travelers on network links. By using zero–one variables, the proposed model is transformed into a crisp mixed-integer problem with respect to path-flow variables. In order to produce the Logit flows from this problem, Damberg et al. algorithm is modified. Then, the level of certainty is maximized and perceived travel delays are minimized. For a fixed certainty degree, the obtained solution, which is named the fuzzy equilibrium flow, satisfies a quasi-Logit formula similar to ordinary expression of the Logit route choice model. Eventually, we examine the quality of different path enumeration techniques in the proposed model.

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